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DRAK Leather - Custom made

Special design
Do you want an original customized interior design for your car? Then you come to the right place. Our leather products are made by professional and dedicated employees. They process leather in many patterns and colors. Wether by embossing or embroidery, the leather acquires a special expressiveness unique to you and your car giving it a new breath of luxury.

Individuality in your name and logo
You can embroider the leather with your name, logo or shape.
Our way of production is as follows: drawing, digitisation of the proposal, correction, co-operation, making the mould - cutting, final production and inspection.

The embroidery can be carried out in various colors. The finished products are subjected to a stringent final inspection and only then delivered to our customers in the automotive industry. Or to our local distributors. Our motto is motivation, loyalty and experience this equals to efficiency, better quality this equals customers satisfaction. We use modern technologies and production processes that significantly minimize the impact on the environment.

For more information regarding our products and maintenance, please contact our distribution partners. Our sales partner network is currently expanding. If you find a suitable dealer, then please send us an email via
this link. We will be happy to help you.

DRAK Leather - Luxury in leather with an elegant look

DRAK-LEATHER-handmade leather steering wheels