DRAK Factory - Variety of products and services

Drak Factory develops high-quality innovative industrial and consumer-oriented (half) products. Devise solutions which make our customers' manufacturing processes simpler and more efficient. Thinking along with the customer in the concept phase. Research the possibilities and impossibilities of materials and then proceed thoughtfully and effectively. Knowledge of materials which DRAK Factory possesses.

Furthermore, at the same time, DRAK unconditionally adheres to the high standards it has always applied in the production process. And whereby the passion and enthusiasm of our professionals form the foundation. We continuously innovate to go on meeting the demands customers place on our components and semi-finished products. Partly due to future-oriented investments in new machines, such as a CNC machine. Moreover, DRAK Factory consults with reputable suppliers of the materials used in the products. Our (half) products are made to work with. Products that our customers can rely on.

DRAK has the ambition to remain a leading and reliable supplier and to offer customers maximum added value.

DRAK Factory-CNC-Machine