Drak Factory. Reorganisation, modernisation and ISO 9001 certifikate

In order to better and faster respond to the client’s needs, Drak Leather is engaged in a substantial reorganisation and modernisation of the business. As such we are working on extensive automation of our production lines as well as making adjustments on the work floor, which we are fortunate to be able to accomplish with the inspired collaboration of our skilled people. It means that, with an increased level of efficiency coupled with our high quality products, we can have complete confidence in the future. This is reinforced through obtaining attractive orders including a new serial production of leather parts for a customer in the automotive industry.

Drak Leather has also been audited by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance this year. Drak once again successfully passed the audit and has since received the new certification from Lloyd’s.

Drak Leather is specialized in leather products for the automotive industry, and supplies excellent products of a consistant quality. Drak is also an Lloyd’s Register ISO certified company. This ISO certificate means that our organisation meets a high level of quality. Our company applies a quality management set out beforehand and does so in a structured manner (care, management and safeguarding). This means our customers can rest assured that all the legal guidelines are met in respect of the products and services we provide. These operational processes have been clearly integrated into the day-to-day running of Drak Leather.

Drak Leather is always improving and optimizing the methods of guaranteeing the business processes. Everybody at Drak aims to improve our services and operational processes, product quality and the reliability of the products supplied. One way to achieve this is to carefully document and report all our findings.