Drak Factory takes pride in machine park expansion

Drak Leather takes pride in machine park expansion

The last few weeks our machine park has been the focus of a number of new investments. New machines, such as a CNC cutter and lathe device, which address the product requirements of our customers perfectly. Products which increasingly contain a larger number of metal parts.

These investments match Drak Leather’s vision for the future. A vision which inspires us to further explore our creative potential to develop new products. All of this is handled most expertly by our in-house specialised divisions. Drak not only uses the most advanced and up-to-date solutions but also has regard for sustainability and efficient solutions.

A lot has changed since the company launched. Drak Leather has focused on market demand these past years. A core principle remains the ability to provide one point of communication and to help troubleshoot. This is what makes working with Drak efficient and enjoyable for customers.

drak leather-cnc-machine

Our strength: our dedication to projects and a perfect execution.