Personalising your products

Drak Leather has the most modern equipment as the specialist in the field of embroidery and embossing. At Drak Leather you can personalise your leather products, textiles and other surfaces with embroidering or embossing a name or logo. The high demands Drak places on production ensures a perfect end result that will give your products considerable added value.

Your wishes are thereby obviously leading. The final product is, if necessary, subject to further finishing and is undergoes a final inspection before it is shipped. Our customers are found in the various sectors such as the automotive industry, clothing industry and companies with promotional products. But individuals also find their way to Drak.

Drak Leather has access to fully automatic embroidery machines. This gives us the ability to provide leather, textile and other surfaces with your name or logo in various colours.

Drak Leather places high demands on the quality of the embroidery. Only the best wire material is used in order to guarantee a colour-fast and long life span. Our professionals know how important this is for you.

Embossing is the stamping of your name or logo on the leather utilizing high pressure technology. This creates a special look with compressed and non-compressed areas. The embossing gives your product a distinctive and unique look.

Many customers use our embossing technology, giving that extra added value to their product.

drak leather embossing leather logo