New embossing machine for leather!

Expansion production capacity Drak with new embossing machine for leather!

Drak Leather has invested in a new machine in order to meet to increasing demand for high-quality leather embossing. This machine has been used to complete an order for BMW, our first big customer from the automotive industry. The leather products Drak manufactures for BMW are embossed with for example the X-series logo. By investing in the machine, Drak was able to deliver on short notice without compromising on the quality. Our team of skilled craftsmen, lead by Filip Sic, made sure that everything ran smoothly. They planned everything carefully beforehand, so that the products for the BMW X-series could be manufactured immediately following the installation of the new embossing machine for leather.

During the next couple of weeks many employees of Drak will receive training on the use this embossing machine for leather. After all, Drak employees are skilled and flexible.

drak-embossing machine

Increased production

Many businesses in, for example, the automotive industry have become customers of Drak Leather. Drak has experienced a significant growth during the past few months. The high quality of our products, such as leather head supports or steering wheels and the additional possibilities of embroidering and/or embossing a name or logo in the leather have greatly contributed to this growth. Drak Leather always attracts skilled workers who believe in and adhere to the philosophy of Drak Leather. We are a company that is open to new ideas that will enable us to better meet customer expectations.