More individual owners find their way to DrakLeather.


DRAKLEATHER - More then driving

DrakLeather produces more and more for individual car owners. Apart from manufacturers in the car industry, they have also found their way to DrakLeather.

Where else but at DrakLeather is the craftsmanship of leather processing still maintained? We more than anyone else know the importance of craftsmanship and leather processing according to the individual wishes of the customer. The leather products are obviously carefully processed manually.

More individual owners find their way to DrakLeather.

And we have extensive options for further individualising your product, for example your name or logo. And obviously with the same high quality which is standard for us.

Drak’s customers therefore have an almost unlimited freedom in compiling a product according to their own specific demands. Thus, every product that leaves our factory has a personal and distinctive look – and above all, every car is therefore unique.